sharing is caring
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The Good Advice Project is based on the very simple idea that sharing is caring. It brings people together. And it makes stuff grow. Enough with egoism and skepticism. Let's make the world better, by sharing what we know.

In January 2011, designer Jacob Lysgaard (JA) and photographer Hanne Hvattum (HA) decided to join forces and dive into the fruitful and mystical ocean of collaboration. They formed the creative constellation JAHA, and The Good Advice Project is their first common body of work.

Pictures and text for the project was produced during an intense and interesting Copenhagen week. Strangers were approached on the street with the following question:

Do you have a piece of good advice to offer?

Some said no and ran away. But most said YES, and by being openhearted and sharing they made this project possible. Hooray for them, and for sharing what we've got.

Enjoy the Good Advice.

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